About the Founder: John Zajaros

I have developed an in-depth knowledge of advanced search engine marketing techniques, a specialized approach to inbound marketing, and innovative Internet marketing strategies.

My primary focus is customer/client acquisition and traffic generation, both for traditional, brick and mortar concerns attempting to build an Internet image and for Internet marketing professionals attempting to increase their market share and their online revenue. My approach bridges new technology and marketing innovation with over thirty years of marketing experience, resulting in an approach to marketing that is both focused and effective, profitable and systematic.

I have worked with marketers, freelancers, and companies here and abroad. My knowledge and understanding of the Internet marketing milieu continues to expand and mature, my clients benefiting from my education.

I understand what it is for a company to grow and prosper, both offline and online. I am able to help them emerge in this competitive economy. I look forward to expanding my clients’ base, both in traffic flow and lead generation, as I assist them in establishing new opportunities.

My experience has ranged from sales and marketing to anthropology and academia. The most satisfying work has always been working for myself and building something I can call my own, while assisting others. I was running my own business at 19 and built a successful business from scratch, beginning with $50 and an idea, during the worst recession in our nation’s history, until now that is. After 4 years I sold my interest and returned to advertising and marketing, my first love.

After several successful years in business, I returned to school. Finishing my college education was something I had regretted not completing when I was younger but was unable to accomplish because of family obligations. I enjoyed every moment of my return to academia.

I finished my B.A. summa cum laude, and won a doctoral fellowship to one of the most competitive programs in the country, only 6 awarded nationally every year. I proceeded straight from the B.A. to Ph.D., bypassing the masters as a requirement for admission.

After finishing my course work, including cutting edge research into age-progressive phenomena affecting the spine and sacroiliac, I returned to the Cleveland area, my home since 1965, except for my stint in the US Army in the early 1970s. I am also a life member of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). I now make my home in Lakewood, Ohio…as does most of my family.

Beyond the above, working with students and athletes has been an incredibly wonderful experience, one that has shaped my life and focused my work and my priorities. While I don’t take on many coaching and/or mentoring students any more, the ones I do accept give me more than I could ever hope to give back.

The learning continues and has made me a better person, loving every minute of it.

It is by giving more than receiving and constantly paying it forward, more than a cliche, we continue to grow, not only in our business lives but as individuals. By ensuring the success of others, we ensure our success in the process, always richer for the effort.

Business Specialties and Areas of Interest:

Internet Marketing; Inbound Marketing; Outbound Advertising; Sales Development; Sales and Marketing Training; Sales Coaching; Advertising and Promotion; Product Launches; Blogging for Business; Website Development; Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Search Engine Marketing (SEM); Video Marketing; Video Promotion; Article Marketing; Article Writing; Logo Design and Development; Graphics; Web 2.0; Social Media Marketing; Social Media Management; Email Marketing; Mini-site Development; Membership Site Development; Landing Page – Squeeze Page Creation; and Medical, Osteological, and Anthropological Research and Writing.

Professor John P. J. Zajaros, Sr.
The Ultimate Internet Image, LLC.
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

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