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Google’s Page One, Yahoo’s Page One, Bing’s Page One: Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) Dominance

If you are in business online or offline, Internet-based or a traditional brick and mortar business or professional practice attempting to establish an online presence, you hear the Siren’s Call daily.

“Step right up and I will get you to the ultimate spot, Google’s Page One…and I will do it in hours…organically!”

Some marketing “gurus” (small “g” and in quotes for a reason), have made a fortune promising to get businesses to the promised land. Interestingly, some can. Sadly, most cannot!

I believe in the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words!”

I believe three pictures with red arrows to highlight my point and illustrate results may be worth a million words! And dollars to the businesses I work with over the course of our relationship with each other.

See below!

Interestingly, all of the various inbound marketing strategies work:

  • I’ll say that again: Inbound marketing works!
  • Social media works!
  • Video and video marketing works!
  • Article marketing works!
  • Blogging for business works!
  • It all works!

However, inbound marketing does not work unless you are consistent. It does not work unless you offer quality content. It does not work unless you are committed to a long term strategy. And, this is the kicker, it does not work unless you are patient!

Many marketing “gurus” talk about the 1%.

The 1% in inbound marketing is the intangible component, that special something you can’t quite nail down but it is real. The 1% happens and it is often the most important ingredient in your marketing strategy. I would argue that the 1% is the difference between making it and not making it. I suggest that the 1% must be viewed in the same way many great philosophers, motivators, and thinkers have viewed the intangible 1% that defines every successful endeavor! Yes, we must have all the rest, every component in your inbound marketing strategy is crucial, but without that certain something pulling it all together?

It just isn’t going to happen!

I am not getting all mystical on you. I am simply pointing out that everything must be in place and that once it is, the synergy created allows for that certain something to present itself…the 1%.

Switching gears and tying it all together!

Inbound marketing is a lot like farming. All marketing is like farming! Some crops come up quickly and provide a return in short order. However, most crops, the money crops, take a bit longer and the results may not be immediately apparent.

Yes, we have this “guru” and that “guru” stating that direct response marketing is the Holy Grail of marketing and that “immediate and testable” is the only way to go.

Yet in marketing, as in life, the real payoff comes with time, with consistency, and with quality. If you offer a quality product, brand your product with the proper message (effective marketing – a USP or unique selling proposition), and offer a consistent message people are interested in hearing, you will reap a harvest unlike any you or the competition ever hoped for.

So, what is the secret?

The secret is there is NO secret!

The Ultimate Internet Image has had remarkable results in a short period of time by applying inbound marketing strategies that work!

An effective inbound marketing strategy must have all of these components and more:

  • Time or longevity
  • Links – quality links built over time
  • Pages – the more the better
  • SEO – great SEO
  • Social media management NOT social media marketing!!!
  • Video marketing – to include quality production and targeted distribution
  • Article marketing
  • Blogging for business
  • Great copywriting for sales copy, articles, blogging, and video descriptions
  • And much, much more!

Forget about snappy, catchy, flashy graphics and deliver quality content over time and the rest will take care of itself.

Ultimately, when all is said in done you must ask yourself this question:

Does this pass the common sense test?

In other words:

  • Does this sound too good to be true?
  • Does it pass the “fish test”? Does it still smell good after 90-180-365 days?
  • Ultimately, do I want my name and my business’ name associated with these tactics?

If the answer is “No!” to any of these? Then don’t start down that path to begin with. Get a reputable firm applying solid inbound marketing techniques…and you will never be sorry! You may have to wait more than 90 days for real results, lasting results, but when achieved they will be the kind you can build your brand on.

You only have one reputation and you can ruin your brand name with one wrong move!

In today’s world of immediate response and YouTube videos it only takes one wrong move. Just ask some of the companies that had to do major damage control to offset what one or a few thoughtless employees were able to accomplish in a manner of seconds.  Or the companies who had their brand name banned by Google! It can get pretty scary.

So, make sure the inbound marketing consulting firm you invest in can do what they say they will do and have the same values you have.

Or, in the words of one of the greatest USPs of all-time:

“You can pay me now or…you can pay me later!”

Contact us anytime for a free inbound marketing consultation and competitive analysis. We do our homework!

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PS, Check out the images below, part of a recently initiated inbound marketing campaign to dominate the inflatable football tunnels niche for a client.

Inbound marketing strategies that work!

Google Page One domination in a highly competitive niche for the keyword phrase Inflatable Football Tunnels!

Keyword dominance 3 pages deep in a few days with the proper inbound marketing strategy!

Keyword dominance for Inflatable Football Tunnels 3 pages deep in a few days with the proper inbound marketing strategy!

Keyword dominance 3 pages deep in a few days with the proper inbound marketing strategy!

Keyword dominance for Inflatable Football Tunnels 3 pages deep in a few days with the proper inbound marketing strategy!

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