How to Get to Page One Fast: 10 Page 1 Listings in 36 Hours!

How to Succeed Online Using Video and Inbound Marketing: Internet and Inbound Marketing

Delivering real and lasting value and serving my clients to the best of my ability always comes first in my inbound marketing consulting business, and in all of my business endeavors.

However, you must generate traffic in order to get your message out and in order to do that you must be seen.

In the “real world” we say success in business is determined by 3 things: location, location, and location!

On the Internet, Google’s page one is the same thing: location, location, and location!

As they say, the proof is in the pudding and the video below says it all.

I applied the same techniques I use for my clients and prospective clients to one of my sideline ventures, one that is near and dear to my heart, helping ADD and ADHD kids.

I take 5 ADD/ADHD students per term and work with them. I currently have two spots open. So, I thought I would apply the same techniques I use to enhance the Internet image, the online presence of my inbound marketing clients, to fill the 2 open spots.

In less than 36 hours I have 10 spots on Google’s page one!

I am competing against 534,000 web pages for those spots.

That’s how effective The Ultimate Internet Image’s inbound marketing strategies are; and, they will work for any brick and mortar business.

In fact, they will work for any business, online or offline.

The proper use of video will do wonders for your business, particularly when combined with other inbound marketing strategies.

In fact, a combination of video and inbound marketing can be the difference between making it or not making it given the current economic climate.

Professor John P. J. Zajaros, Sr.
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