Quality, Integrity, and Craftsmanship: Chmura Custom Woodworks

Custom Built Furniture and Custom Made Woodworks: Chmura Custom Woodworks is the Best of the Best!

One of the benefits of being in the consulting business is that you get to meet so many amazing business people!

I get to meet businesspeople with vision, heart, values, and integrity!

In my heart of hearts, I believe the soul of American small business is alive and well, burning white hot in the heartland of America!

In spite of statistics, in spite of what everyone says about the economy and the chances that a small business will make it, or not, millions take the plunge every year.

Two individuals I have recently come to know are Rick and Bryan Chmura. Rick and Bryan have the characteristics I mentioned above…and more! They are the very essence, the ideal of what small businesses are all about:

Vision, Integrity, Honesty, and Courage!

Without all of the above mentioned qualities, one cannot succeed! Even with the above mentioned qualities, it takes intelligence and common sense…some refer to it as business sense, some street smarts, and come call it horse sense…to make it!

Whatever you call it, when combined with vision, integrity, honesty, courage, and a commitment to a quality product and true craftsmanship, a business has a chance!

Without all of the above, and a little help from friends, family, and the right mentoring from those who have gone before, the odds are against new businesses.

Interestingly, Chmura Custom Woodworks seems to have it all together! They have been serving the Cleveland, Ohio area since 1999.

The team of Rick and Bryan are committed to quality, they have a vision for the future, and they are smart enough to educate themselves along the way. In other words, they are not simply technicians applying what they know on a day to day basis, they are moving the company forward in the true entrepreneurial spirit of the day!

The emergence of the Internet, with all of the complexities and the nuances, has created challenges for businesses big and small. Interestingly, the owners of Chmura Custom Woodworks, Independence, Ohio are facing those challenges head on, with a commitment to their vision, to their clients, and to each other.

It is exciting to witness!

I put together a short PowerPoint slide presentation showing off a few of their pieces..I hope you like them!

I am impressed with Chmura Custom Woodworks and I think they have a great future. They are a couple of great guys who can use, and deserve, a plug!

The Chmuras are among the best of the best, quietly going about their craft, attempting to enrich the lives of their clients through their craft, enriching all of us with the beauty of their custom made woodwork!

The talent and the quality of the custom built furniture is immediately apparent! I am certain they will do well in Cleveland, throughout all of Ohio, and across the United States. It is my pleasure to have come to know them, to share in their vision, and to recommend them to all of my readers, wherever you are in the world! Either in purchasing their products or by emulating them and their example, you can be a bit richer too!

I am pleased to share this video, complete with a soundtrack I hope you will excuse!


Professor John P. J. Zajaros, Sr.
Skype: johnzajaros1

PS, Contact Chmura Custom Woodworking for all of you custom made woodworking needs, including but not limited to custom designed home improvements and custom designed furniture. If you can imagine it, they can build it, with quality and a commitment to custom built craftsmanship!

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