Kanary’s Landscaping: The Wonder of Art and Landscape Design

Kanary’s Landscaping: Artistry in Landscape Design and Application!

With all the talk about Linchpins and artists, it is difficult not to notice true artistry in action!

If you take a moment and explore the amazing work produced by Kanary’s Landscaping, you can’t help but be struck by the excellence and the art in both design and implementation…the application of that art!

It is our pleasure to work with Rich Kanary and this team of artists, a firm dedicated to bringing wonder and beauty into their clients’ lives, one job at a time.

Kanary’s Landscaping has been serving Northern Ohio since 1974!

In a world where being average is seemingly good enough, Kanary’s Landscaping demonstrates, by way of their art, that excellence is still the standard for some; and, they seek to apply their art daily in everything they do.

It is an honor to serve them and call them clients…and friends!

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Rich Kanary
Kanary’s Landscaping
Sheffield, Ohio 44054


  1. Beautiful work! I enjoyed the video very much!

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