The Power and Potential of Inbound Marketing and the Internet

Is the Internet Necessary for Business?


There are unbelievers…still!


Perhaps these two images will help put things in their perspective. My usual posts runs into 2-3-4000 words.

These two images should do it!

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  1. Great post, thank you for sharing this!

    It’s remarkable how many companies still don’t see how they’re missing out on the full opportunity that the web offers. While it takes work, one of the most powerful aspects of the web is the legacy of your effort, it continues working for you long into the future. In fact, as I’ve said on more than one occasion, the internet and inbound marketing in particular, reverses the conventional marketing spend model where when the investment runs out so too do the results. With inbound marketing, when the investment is made, the results begin and continue, 24/7/365. In a recent post in the IME blog we outlined the important elements of a simple landing page for conversion purposes (you can read it here if you like ) but what most companies fail to recognize is that when this is created, promoted and optimized this simple lead generation tool will continue to deliver results long into the future. Now imagine having many of these on your company’s website…how many leads could you be generating monthly, daily, hourly? As the infographics presented here show, there are really powerful reasons companies need to engage with the web in a comprehensive online marketing approach. It’s cost effective now and positions you for the future.

    Again, thanks for the great info!

  2. This is incredible. Really valuable SEO information.

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