Linchpin or The E-Myth: Make Your Own Map

Seth Godin’s Linchpin


Michael Gerber’s E-Myth?

While the Internet offers a platform for individual expression, the tendency is to remain in lock-step and follow the follower.

While the suggestion of individuality is appealing and powerful, I wonder how much is based in reality…and how much is illusion!

The ultimate questions:

Do you want to be one of many?


Do you want to be one standing apart from the many?

In Seth Godin’s masterpiece, Linchpin, a template for creating your own map, Godin suggests we do something unique, something amazing.

In Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to do about it, Gerber suggests we create with an eye towards duplication and automation…the franchise model.

You must decide!

To my way of thinking, and I have read almost everything both men have written, Seth Godin’s Linchpin approach has it all over Gerber’s E-Myth argument.


I can’t walk in lock step with anyone. I hope you feel the same because it is the only way to separate yourself from the masses and do great work!

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