Inbound Marketing Success: Are You Selling Price or Loyalty?

Are you selling price or loyalty…?

When you train your customers to buy based on price, they become loyal to the price, and not loyal to you.

For example, if a new giant retailer came out on the marketplace today, and their whole sales pitch was, “We promise to be THE lowest-priced store in town — we will even beat WAL-MART hands-down, on every single item in stock.

What do you think would happen here?

Do you think everyone would stay put and stay faithful to Wal-Mart?

I doubt it.

Sure you’d have a few die-hards, but for the most part, Wal-Mart’s customers would RUN as fast as they can to this other place.

Being loyal to YOU is far more important, and makes pricing FAR less important, however, if you want that kind of loyalty, you have to earn it!

The reason we don’t ask for our best price is because we are afraid they will reject us… here’s a little secret… you may be rejecting yourself before your prospect even has a chance to reject you?

Build loyal customers by helping them and offering them services and helpful information, and not simply the lowest price.

Make it a great day!

Bob Oros

NOTE: Bob Oros is cut from the same cloth I am. I received this in my inbox this morning and immediately emailed Bob to ask him if I could use it. Bob is a real world, No B.S kind of sales trainer and speaker; and, he and I hit it off from day one. I would recommend Bob’s sales training course to anyone who wants to get back to their roots and take it to the next level in sales! Bob Oros is the real deal and it is a pleasure to post his insights here. If you have read anything about the homogenization and commoditization of inbound marketing, my theme over the past two days, this post will resonate with you!


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