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In Your Eyes:

Becoming a Student of the Business Part 2

I spend a good amount of time every day looking at what the competition is doing in my business, primarily the business of inbound marketing, although I do have other business interests. I focus most of my attention on how traditional brick and mortar businesses, also referred to as offline businesses by the online community, interact with the online world, the Internet.

Interestingly, I not only spend a big part of my day studying my business, how to build it, how to make it more effective, and how to market it better, how to serve my clients in the best way possible, I also study the businesses of my clients and the businesses of my client’s clients; and, most importantly, their competition.

Studying the business practices of others is essential in sales and marketing; and, particularly in outbound advertising and inbound marketing consulting.

Additionally, it is imperative we become students of human behavior; and, particularly of buying behavior.

How are we to market to our target audience if we don’t know who they are and what motivates them?

I am constantly amazed by marketing firms, some I have dealth with, that spend a ton of money on flow charts, mind maps, graphs, and fancy websites offering this, that, and the other thing; and yet, have no idea how to market themselves, much less support their clients’ needs.

But man can they make an awesome mind map or flow chart!

The USP or Unique Selling Proposition (or Unique Selling Point)

Significantly, even if we know who our target audience is and what they react to, if we are incapable of reaching them and gaining their confidence (i.e., know, like, and trust), it is more likely than not that we will meet each other on the unemployment line.

Without the proper message, USP or unique selling proposition or point, and the proper messenger, your marketing efforts will fall on deaf ears…or no ears at all!

“Standing on the Shoulders of Giants!” Modeling and Marketing Success

Modeling what works and learning from what doesn’t as a business strategy has been around for a very long time.

In fact, modeling has been around for centuries. Wise men and women have been taking what works, “borrowing” it if you will, and building something even bettter for at least 400 years that we know of; and, probably a lot longer. The 400 years, give or take, is just how long wise men and women have been talking about it.

As early as the twelfth century, scholars have referred to modeling in very specific terms:

Bernard of Chartres (d. after 1124) spoke of being “like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants, so that we can see more than they….”

Isaiah di Trani (c. 1180 – c. 1250) “Who sees further a dwarf or a giant? Surely a giant for his eyes are situated at a higher level than those of the dwarf. But if the dwarf is placed on the shoulders of the giant who sees further? … So too we are dwarfs astride the shoulders of giants. We master their wisdom and move beyond it. Due to their wisdom we grow wise and are able to say all that we say, but not because we are greater than they.

And of course the most famous of all, the individual often credited with this quote, mistakenly so, is Sir Issac Newton (1643-1727):

“If I can see further than anyone else, it is only because I am standing on the shoulders of giants”

Others who have acknowledged the need for modeling, for the perspective gained from those who have come before include:

Isaiah di Trani (1180–1250) “If I can see further than anyone else, it is only because I am standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Diego de Estella (Didacus Stella) a 16th century Spanish mystic and theologian.

Robert Burton (1577–1640) English scholar and vicar at Oxford University, wrote The Anatomy of Melancholy.

René Descartes (1596–1650) French philosopher, mathematician, physicist, writer. He has been dubbed the “Father of Modern Philosophy.”

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900) 19th-century German philosopher.

Interestingly, the quote is also used in a myriad of different ways, including on currency, as a business motto, and the title of a book:

The British two pound coin bears the inscription “STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS” on its edge and has so since 1997. Google Scholar has adopted “Stand on the shoulders of giants” as its motto.


Tony Robbins refers to modeling often, as do many others across a variety of endeavors and disciplines. Tony Robbins has made a career out of helping others understand and apply modeling to their lives, personal and business.

Tom Hopkins is another modeling expert, a sales and marketing trainer who has built a career teaching sales professionals to model certain, time-tested sales strategies.

Why Entrepreneurs Engage in Modeling

It is because modeling has been demonstarted to be effective through the ages and across disciplines that successful businessmen and women engage in it.

Entrepreneurs, Internet marketing “gurus,” brick and mortar business owners, academics, medical practitioners, sales and marketing consultants, athletes, and even politicians engage in modeling to achieve their goals.

Yes, thinking “outside the box” is essential but doing what works will usually get you there faster than attempting to reinvent the wheel. In fact, we would be foolish not to apply the lessons learned by those who have blazed the trail before us in our daily lives; personal and, certainly, in business.

The questions on your mind if not on the tip of your tongue, because they were on mine, are undoubtedly:

Who do we model?

How do we know what specific strategies and behaviors to model?

And ultimately:

Who do we listen to?

In other words, who really knows what they are talking about?

The reality of the situation is that unless we do our homework, we can’t know!

When we are in school we do homework to get a passing grade; and, if we work hard enough we get an A. Conversely, if we don’t study there is a good chance we will fail.

How much more do we have riding on our business success and/or failure?

Interestingly, and in spite of all that is riding on an individual’s success or failure, many business people, online and offline, simply open their doors and hope for business. Whether in the form of leads, actual floor traffic, orders, patients or appointments, many business and professional people simply get up in the morning, go to work, open the doors, and hope.

This is a recipe for failure!

Often, and at times out of desperation, the brick and mortar business owner will throw a little money at the problem, usually in the form of outbound advertising (i.e., newspaper, radio, yellow pages, shotgun direct mail, or novelty advertising, etc.) with no way to track results and little hope a lasting impact on the business.

Again, a recipe for failure…and disaster!

Tracking the Who What, Why, and Where: A Successful Marketing Strategy

In most instances, a customer walks through the doors, looks around, perhaps even makes a purchase, and leaves without ever being asked their name, how they got there or any relevant contact information.


“Thank you very much. Have a nice day!”

Goodbye Forever!

What is the  likihood they will ever be back? How can you know if you don’t track it?

One Sale or Many: An Overall, Ongoing Sales and Marketing Strategy…Inbound and Outbound

The most difficult and the most expensive client to acquire is the one is walking through your doors for the first time based on your marketing efforts. Incredibly, and inspite of the cost, this is also the visit we fail to monetize properly. At the very least we should be collecting contact information (i.e., name, phone number, email address, physical address, etc.) so we can market to them again, and again, and again…

…until they buy from you again, and again, and again….

Interestingly, we also fail to market to the clients or customers we have already acquired, our current and past customers. In many instances we can’t market to them because we failed to collect their contact information from them in the beginning, even at the point of sale!

The Value of the Client/Customer List

A business’ client list is the most valuable resource they own; and yet, most businesses fail to engage their past clients on a regular basis through routine follow up and targeted marketing strategies.

This is why it is important to become a student of your business and your competitors’ business, so these opportinities are not missed and every possible resource is fully exploited.

When I say exploited, I mean it is a positive way and not in the negative context. Exploiting clients, past of present, in a negative manner is the shortest route to disaster.

Once you have acquired the relevant information from your clients and prospective clients, it is imperative you understand your market and the marketplace or you will not reach them. Or, if you do reach them, it will not resonnate with them because it is off target.

Becoming a Student of the Marketplace: Understanding the Market and Human Behavior

Ultimately, you must also become a student of human behavior, as mentioned above, and a student of the marketplace. Sadly, many business owners do not.

How could we not?

Particularly if we deal with the public day in and day out?

Market Forces, The Economy, and the Impact on the Overall Sales and Marketing Strategy

Unfortunately, and particularly in this economy, with most businesses large and small simply trying to keep the doors open, many business people feel all of their efforts need to be, must be, directed towards the business itself and not on the advertising and marketing.

Or, the business owner believes he or she must conserve their resources (i.e., money, capital, etc.) in order to make it through, until things “turn around.”

Big mistake!

In fact, in a down economy there is an even greater need for an effective sales and marketing strategy!

However, a businesses marketing must be targeted, it must be trackable, and it must provide a reurn on investment that justifies the expenditure.

Simply throwing image building ads in the local Gazette is not only a waste of resources, it is money that could have been spend on a direct response advertising strategy that is trackable and will work.

If it doesn’t?

You will know it and you can adjust it accordingly.

The days of:

“Biggest Selection and Lowest Prices!”

…are gone!

Unless of course you are a big, dumb company with deep pockets.


You are independently wealthy.

Many business owners look at the current business climate, and the pressure to market their business effectively, as Catch 22!

  • If I spend more time and money on the marketing end of the business in order to better understand it, and the forces that drive traffic through the door, in whatever form, I have to take time and money away from the day-to-day running of the business.
  • If I take time away from the day-to-day running of the business in order to learn the marketing of the business I may not have a business.
  • However, if I don’t take time away from the day-to-day running of the business to learn how to market it more effectively, I may not have enough business to have a business.
  • Additionally, I can’t spend money on marketing strategy because money is tight.
  • However, if I don’t spend money on marketing, people won’t come through the doors.
  • If people don’t come through the doors, I won’t have enough business to make money.
  • If I don’t have enough business to make money, I won’t have a business!

A Yossarian-like dilemma:

Entrepreneurial Catch 22!

Ultimately, a decision must be made:

Am I going to sink or swim?

Help is Available: Inbound Marketing and the Brick and Mortar Business

Interestingly, many business people think they are in it alone and that help is either impossible or is out of their price range.

Neither is true!

Many business people, particularly when struggling just to stay afloat get so preoccupied in the struggle, fail to look around for a life preserver.

It is at this moment a decision is crucial:

Do I continue to flounder until I go under or do I ask for help?

It is always interestingly, and more than a little sad, when I experience first hand a business person who would rather drown than ask for help. I would argue that after procrastination, pride and ego, branches of the same tree, are the root cause of almost every business failure.

Help is always available!

The business owner, whether online or offline, has got to come to the realization that:

“I need help to make it because I am going to drown out here on my own. If the business is worth saving, and mine is, I need help. The business is making enough money to keep the doors open, so it is time for help!”

Michael Gerber and The E Myth Revisited

Whether an economy driven crisis or need due to growing pains, the transition  Michael Gerber refers to in The E Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It as infancy to adolescence, there comes a time when an entrepreneur, whether a brick and mortar business owner or an Internet marketer or ecommerce business owner, must ask for help.

It is at this crucial point most entrepreneurs, brick and mortar business owners and online business people, turn to a marketing consultant for help.

The point of desperation?

For some, certainly!

In the case of a dying business?

It is precisely the wrong time to take such action, it should have been taken long ago. Yet, it may be the last gasp, the last prayer for a dying business, but it must be done if there is any hope of saving it.

Interestingly, the businesses I do my best work with and for are the businesses who call as soon as they know they have an issue, put their marketing in my hands, and say:

“Fix it!”

Interestingly, every business will go through the same sort of growth experience, growing pains if you will.

One thing is certain, without assistance, most businesses will fold!

Michael Gerber notes that most business people look at the first 5 years as the make or break period, make it through the first 5 and they are home free. In fact, Gerber points out that of the 20% who make it through the first 5 years, that’s right, only 20% make it through the first five, only 20% of those businesses make it through the second five years!

That’s 4 businesses out of 100!

The F…O…U…R that make it…the 4%?

They get help!

The rest go back to whatever they were doing before or worse. Sadly, many can’t go back to what they were doing before and now, broke and disillusioned, have no clear idea what they will do next.

The reality is tragic when considered against the alternate reality.

The alternate reality?

Help is available. The proper marketing strategy could have not only assured the business’ long term survival, it would have contributed to building something meaningful and lasting instead.

Finding help is the topic to be explored in Part III.

For now I will say this:


Most Internet marketing gurus and most inbound marketing consultants have little time in the trenches and a lot of time on the benches.

In other words, a significant portion of their careers have been devoted to telling others how to do something they have very little experience doing themselves.

Give me a marketing consultant who has also been a business owner with over 20 or 30 years in the trenches, someone who understands the importance of a  target audience, the marketplace, and the forces that drive both and I will show you someone who can add something to your experience.

Significantly, that is also the kind of marketing consultant and business owner who is receptive to strategies offered by others, someone who is always learning.

Interestingly, the average Ultimate Internet Image client has been in business for 24 years!

Two of UII’s clients have been serving Northern Ohio for over 40 years!

One of my clients has an MBA and is a Six Sigma Balck Belt!

It is the wise entrepreneur who knows when to say:

“I need some advice, can you take a look at this for me and see what you can do!”

I have been in sales and marketing, building businesses and helping them grow for more than 35 years. Aside from a short stint in academia, running around the rain forests and tucked away in museum basements doing research, I have been a student of sales and marketing, of building brick and mortar businesses…and now of Internet businesses, as well.

You know?

Many would argue business people with over 40 years of experience would no longer need the assistance of an inbound marketing consultant, or any kind of marketing consultant for that matter. The opposite is true.

The aforementioned businesses have been in business as long as they have because they are receptive to advice and they are responsive to shifts and changes in the marketplace.

In other words, the wise business owner understands they must adapt or perish; and, they also know when to ask for help.

Contact The Ultimate Internet Image (UII) for a comprehensive sales and marketing consultation, to include a competitive analysis.

While primarily an inbound marketing consultancy, UII’s mission is to deliver results in the most efficient and effective manner possible. By applying both outbound and inbound marketing strategies, our focus is on trackable, direct response marketing strategies that work. In other words, marketing strategies yielding the greatest return on investment in the shortest amount of time!

Professor John P. J. Zajaros, Sr.
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Brick and Mortar Businesses: A Shift to Inbound, New Marketing

Internet Marketing Consulting: Inbound Marketing, New Marketing and the New Media
In Your Eyes: Becoming a Student of the Business Part I

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing a fine young man for a position I have created at The Ultimate Internet Image, a new inbound marketing consultancy focusing on the new marketing, at times as new media marketing, in Lakewood, Ohio just west of Cleveland.

This young man is a recent graduate of one of the finest small colleges in the Midwest and it was a real pleasure to spend time with him. If this young man is reflective of the caliber of the young men and women in that generation our world will be in good hands.

During our 2 1/2 hours together, we talked about everything from life and success to fear of failure and service.

We also talked about fear of success and getting out of your comfort zone in order to succeed!

I believe fear of success is at root of failure for many. Many people, in all walks of life, simply do not want to stretch, alter their lives (even for the better), and break free of inertia.

As the interview unfolded, and we began to speak more about the business, the nuts and bolts of an inbound marketing consulting business, and of excellence, responsibility, and service, we spoke of helping others get what they want; and, in doing so, guaranteeing our own success, personal and in business.

Then, he asked several very good questions:

“How do you consult for so many different kinds of businesses?”

Answer: By becoming a student the business and the businesses of our client’s competitors, focusing not only on the local economy but how the overall economy shapes and affects traffic, sales, and the bottom line.

In other words, we look at all aspects of the business, their competition, and their target market or audience.

Once accomplished, we develop the ultimate internet image…along with an offline identity. This means combining brand awareness with direct response marketing and relationship building.

Ultimately, we develop an effective, overall marketing strategy, one that incorporates inbound, new media marketing with targeted, quantifiable outbound advertising strategies with one goal:

Increase traffic, leads, prospects, patients, clients, members, sales, and overall profitability.

“What is it you do and how do you do it?”

Answer: See number one and below. Additionally, watch for Part II in this series.

“Don’t you have to know an awful lot about the business you are working with if you are going to effectively serve them?”

Answer: Yes! Not only will we see the business through the eyes of the owner, managers, and employees, we will also see the business, the competition, and the product, service, and/or practice through the eyes of the market, the target audience itself. By the time we are ready to begin developing a marketing strategy, we will know the business as well as anyone in the business (competitors) or interacting with the business (target market).

In other words, we will become students of the business, entrepreneurs by proxy, with one goal:

The Ultimate Internet Image will seek to develop the most effective new marketing strategy possible, online (inbound marketing) and offline (outbound advertising), in order to increase traffic, leads, prospects, patients, clients, members, sales, and overall profitability.

Of course there’s more!

But the questions he asked ceratinly got the ball rolling…it was a good start!

Not only were these smart questions, he was interviewing me at the same time I was interviewing him; and, they were questions I had hoped he would ask.


I smiled and thought of a Peter Gabriel concert I had been to years before. The song “In Your Eyes” just popped into my head…that’s how my mind works at times.

Go figure!

In this case, the title would be more like:

“Through their Eyes!”

But what the heck!

After acknowledging the questions and providing a short answer to each, I told him how happy I was he had asked them; and then, I started to explain in greater depth.

“When we take on a client, regardless of the business, we bring to the table over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, and advertising,” more if you count the experience of everyone on our team.

I continued, “Much of my experience is based on creating and running brick and mortar businesses, from the ground up, often starting from scratch (i.e., on a shoestring budget…if that!).

“Significantly, most businesses share many of the same challenges, many of the same issues; and, this is the case whether we are dealing with a professional practice or a tree service, a tanning salon or a bed and breakfast, a pet store or a pizzeria.

“In each and every instance, one thing is certain…no clients, no business!

“It really comes down to that,” I explained. “No traffic, no leads, no prospective clients, no one through the door, and the doors will close. It is inevitable and it is a universal!”

“Without an effective marketing strategy, without targeted, direct response marketing, without the proper balance of effective outbound advertising and inbound marketing, and without sales, the company will go extinct. So many companies, big and small, are closing their doors every day across the country; and, in fact, around the world, due to lack of traffic.”

He nodded.

I went on to explain how frustrated I had been as a new business owner back in the mid to late 70s and early 80s, just starting out, building my first businesses. The challenges were myriad, much as they are today.

In the late 70s the economy was about to tank and the region of the country I was attempting to build a business in, the Midwest, was being transformed forever…right before my eyes…and not necessarily for the good!

The biggest challenge was in not only needing to know everything about my business…but being required to an advertising expert, as well. I had to deal with marketing my business in the most effective way possible. I could sell, that was a given, “igloos to Eskimos” and all of that. How best to market my business, how to advertise effectively, that was the real challenge!


I stayed awake nights thinking about that word!

Consequently, not being able to track my results effectively because the only thing I knew how to do was mimic other, larger, more “successful” companies, I struggled daily with marketing and advertising. As my business grew, and as I began to network with other business owners, I found I was not alone, that we were all struggling and failing miserably to get the most bang for our buck.

Then, in the late 70s the economy took a nose dive, many local businesses took a nose dive right along with it…permanently! We started hearing about service economies, outsourcing, and The Rust Belt. The steel industry collapsed, the automobile industry gasped, and I built my business.

What else could I do? Failure was not an option!

My business did not collapse, we actually flourished. Significantly, our success was more about what we were offering and how happy our clients were with what we were providing. We had discovered Gary Halbert’s starving market and then fed them a diet of excellence.

The results were amazing!

Ultimately, we survived the recession. Interestingly, some would argue it was as bad as our current one, a matter of perspective and time, I suppose? We made it because our clients referred others to us…and the referrals referred clients to us!

Girard’s law of 250 in action!

We were providing excellence and our clients, the average one having a 250 person sphere of influence, told others.

And so on, and so on, and so on!

Kind of like the hair commercial. Talk about an effective ad campaign!

Unfortunately, or fortunately as it would later turn out, not being a “big dumb company” (read: Dan Kennedy and Frank Kern), I didn’t have an unlimited ad budget. I had limited funds and needed to know that the money I spent was being spent properly; and, that the return was not only trackable but the return on investment (ROI) justified the expenditure.

In other words, I had to become a student of not only advertising but of sales and marketing.

He raised his eyebrows and said, “Sales?”

I smiled again.

“Yes, sales!

“You see, whether you are a physician or a dentist, an accountant or a lawyer, a restaurant owner of a yoga instructor, you are ultimately a salesperson.”

We talked about this for a while. I asked him why so many new professional people and business owners joined the Chamber of Commerce, the Lions, the Jaycees, and other social and business networking organizations. I asked him how a new dentist grew a practice from zero to hundreds, particularly when he or she was new to the community and creating a brand new practice.

Then I asked him how many ads he had seen on television for attorneys lately!

He nodded and smiled.

Funny thing?

I can remember when an attorney would have rather been drawn and quartered than be seen advertising his services. Risking his reputation and perhaps more!


It is the norm!

“Does that mean they are doing it right?” I asked.

He frowned and then shook his head, “No!”

I smiled again!


In fact, most of the time, businesses are still advertising like it is 1964 and the Internet was never invented. Or, they are attempting to throw up a static website and then call it day, mission accomplished.

We know what happened the last time someone proclaimed mission accomplished when there was still work to do…right?

A Static Website?

A business owner might draw some nice pictures on the wall of a cave, perhaps in France or Germany, it might be more effective. Perhaps the media would think it novel and travel to see it. You might even be able to get an art major from the local college to do the drawing for you…outsourcing the development and design! Do a YouTube video!

With tens of thousands to tens, and even hundreds, of millions of web pages fighting for the first ten spots on Google’s page one for a given keyword phrase, does anyone really believe a free, static website will ever be found?

Having someone without a marketing background, and particularly someone without inbound, new marketing (new media marketing) knowledge develop your Internet image?

You might as well save the money, or send it to your favorite charity, it will do the world, and you, a lot more good. At least you can feel good about it and write off the charitable donation. Pay someone to “develop” a static website?


Well, I don’t want to beat this to death!

He nodded again. He was nodding and smiling. You could see all the lights going on, and staying on!

Shouting into the wind!

You see, years ago, before Al Gore invented the Internet and dinosaurs roamed our city streets, people would get the biggest yellow pages advertisement they could afford and then pay through the nose month after month because that was “the place to be.”

Then, you could buy newspaper advertisements, the bigger the better. The ads were either full page, before doing so took the cost of a second mortgage and your first born male child, or at least above the fold and to the right.

Radio has always been an enigma, almost impossible to track and expensive.

Television advertising, and especially a 30 minute block for an infomercial, particularly before Ted Turner changed the world with cable, was out of reach of the “average” small business owner. Television advertising was and remains effective for some, a waste for others, and exceedingly difficult to track for all.

So, back in ‘64, ‘74, even ’84, when you had a big promotion, spending a year’s wages for a weekend of outbound advertising, you did what you could.

You hoped a lot, said a few prayers, and even chanted manic mantras for hours in front of a mirror!

Oh, and don’t forget the rabbits foot!

The old jocks among us would wear the same socks all weekend…or wear their lucky tie! And don’t forget the same underwear!

Yes, jocks are a superstitious breed…as are most entrepreneurs!

Shouting into the wind!

The end result was what I call the “throw enough spaghetti against the wall and some of it will stick” model.

Or, shouting (or perhaps doing other things?) into the wind!

Ultimately, it was not unlike taking hundreds of dollars, putting on a blindfold, spinning around until dizzy, and then throwing a dart at a board full of advertising choices!

You might actually hit something useful every once in a while…maybe! Often? You missed…you hit nothing.

Or you hit the cat and your wife and kids wouldn’t talk to you for a week!

Outbound Advertising!

Outbound advertising or outbound marketing is a form of advertising. Outbound marketing is often viewed negatively, it is often intrusive, and, for most businesses, largely ineffective.

Commercials come on and you change the channel on the radio or you get up and use the restroom before the show comes back on.

As for your yellow pages?

Where is yours?

Most people can’t tell you where it is in their house, if they’ve even brought it in off the porch, because they don’t use it any more…they “Google” what they want!

Yes, the yellow pages can still be a useful tool, particularly as so many flee the phone book for greener pastures, less competition for attention. But you must know how to direct your message, your marketing, accordingly.

Yellow Pages
Newspaper Ads
Junk Mail
Specialty Advertising

It is all the same for many, shouting into the wind, unless of course you have the proper direct response, inbound marketing strategy; and, the right consultant to augment and direct it.

Even then, to become an expert, or even just very good at it, takes experience and deep pockets; and, particularly in this economy, most small businesspeople simply do not have a lot of either.

The end result?

You shout into the wind until hoarse, none of the spaghetti sticks or certainly not enough to justify the expenditure, your arms get tired from chucking spaghetti at the wall all day, every day, and then you run out of money.

Eventually, you ask for help or close your doors. Often ego, pride, or something else gets in the way, the owner waits too long, and by the time they ask for help it is too late.

All that’s left are the formalities.

“Is it that bad?” He asked.

“It is that bad!” I answered.

The real tragedy is that none of it has to happen. There is help available and it is cost effective…but they have to ask! Or, they at least need to be receptive enough to listen when someone approaches them and offers assistance.

“Heck! We offer a free consultation and competitive analysis. Do you realize how much can be learned in an hour or two? Think about how much we have covered here today!”

“Ah!” Back to sales!” He said and smiled.

I told you, this young man was sharp.

“Yes, and the biggest issue is that people are sales resistant, they just don’t want to be ‘sold’ anything!”

“So, how do you reach them?” he asked.

“Consistency and an unconventional approach! And, we don’t SELL anything…ever!

“We offer a service. We offer to serve once we know we can be of assistance, not before! We don’t even talk price until we know everything there is to know about the prospective client’s business, their competition, and their audience. If we can help and if we feel the client is a good match, meaning someone we can work with long term, then we talk.

“Never before!

“Interestingly, while people do not want to be sold anything, they usually don’t mind a suggestion, an offer of assistance, just as long as they don’t feel obligated.


Reciprocity is a powerful force and many people just don’t want to be indebted to us or anyone else! Even when we offer something free, people will often refuse. It is an interesting reaction but it is another cultural universal, reciprocity.

“In fact, the most difficult sale to make is the initial consultation…and it’s free!

“For some people anyway.”

“For others?” He asked.

“Well, for some, as stated, you simply cannot give ‘stuff’ away, they are too far gone or defensive to be open and receptive to our message, or any message, and that’s fine.

“Ultimately, we can only help those who want help and they will only ask for our help once they know, like, and trust us.“

Know, Like, and Trust!

“In other words, we never sell anything…ever?” He restated rather than asking.

“Correct! We offer our services and through service we succeed too. Our company is an inbound marketing consultancy and it is solely about excellence. The sales will take care of themselves, ours and our clients’. Success and service are inextricably linked!”

As Zig Ziglar put it years ago, and others have said it in different ways since, and I am paraphrasing:

To get what we want we help others get what they want…first, last, always!

So, he said, “Success comes from helping others get what they want.”

“Yup, that’s it!” I agreed.

“Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be.” Zig Ziglar

Success is constant and never ending improvement, CANI! Tony Robbins.

Success is based on action, selfless action in all things.

“If we seek only to serve, we will be more successful than you can imagine, now as we begin down this path together.

“Additionally, the journey we take is a journey of discovery, a challenging experience that will touch people in ways you can’t conceive of right now…but it’s coming…and it’s amazing!

“Ultimately, we serve others and their success is our success. If we do not help our clients succeed, we will fail right along with them, period!” I said.

In summing up this blog post, part one of two, the last point in the interview was this:

This is the foundation upon which this business is built…we take on a scared trust when we take on an inbound marketing consulting client.

I take on a scared trust when I take on an employee.

In both instances, in the case of the client and in that of the employee, they have said to me, to our company, The Ultimate Internet Image, I am putting my life in your hands. I am not only putting my financial life in your hands, I am placing the fate of my business in your hands. I am also placing the lives of my family, my spouse and my children, in your hands.

I think I know you.

I like you.

I am going to trust you with my life and I will trust you with the well being of those I cherish most, my family.

I take this charge very seriously!

It is humbling and the responsibility can be a lot to handle…but everyone that works for The Ultimate Internet Image will understand, must understand, what we are doing and the incredible responsibility we have, the sacred trust we hold.

After all, we are responsible for another individual’s life! In every respect, we owe them our best, we owe them excellence, and we owe them our undying gratitude for being allowed to serve!

It is through service we grow, it is through challenging others to do the same we become trusted…we become trusted friends. Once again, it is a sacred trust!

Marketing is now about a lot more than just the yodeling
[or shouting into the wind].
It’s about the entire package.
What you say as much as how you say it.
New marketing is our future.
(pg. viii)
~ Meatball Sundae by Seth Godin

Character is the ultimate reflection of who you are,
more-so than reputation!
Character is who you actually are!
Reputation is only what other people say about you!
~ John Wooden

For more information about inbound marketing [new marketing – new media marketing] and The Ultimate Internet Image, call any time. I will always answer my phone or call you back as soon as I am able.

Note: We do not pick up the phone while with a client, ever! That is their time, as it will be for you…should you call or email us for more information.


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