Are You Facing an Extinction Level Event? Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

I Don’t Want to Do That Kind of Advertising!

I tutor ADD and ADHD kids, part-time. It is how I started in business online and, in one way or another, I have been tutoring and coaching kids for more than 30 years. Tutoring is something you become addicted to. Tutoring, coaching, and mentoring children is incredibly rewarding, the kids give you so much back! It is also a way I can give back, paying it forward by helping kids in need of my help.

You might be asking:

What any of this has to do with advertising, outbound marketing, the Internet, and/or inbound marketing?

I’m glad you asked!

I was working with one of my students, a very bright young man who attends one of the best catholic high schools in the area. I will call him Bill. Bill had a paper due on dinosaurs and the questions had to do with social behavior, communication, auditory and visual (i.e., body language), and other visual displays (e.g., crests, horns, etc.). It was an interesting assignment, particularly for someone interested in paleontology and paleoanthropology. One really doesn’t have a lot to do with the other…but as a physical anthropologist and a scientist I find the “old stuff” fascinating.

Well, one of the questions was actually a typical high school level question:

Did the dinosaurs instinctively know they were heading for extinction?

Now, we could get into a whole discussion on the topic but it is really kind of a dumb question…sorry! In actuality, how could they have known? Even if you anthropomorphize, attributing all sorts of human characteristics to dinosaurs, and with Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park I through III there certainly has been enough of that, how could they have possibly known that a huge rock was going to fall out of the sky and cause an extinction event the likes of which the Earth had never seen before or since…maybe!

Now you are really asking:

What the heck does any of this have to do with advertising, outbound marketing, the Internet, and/or inbound marketing?

Interestingly, I was recently discussing advertising, the Internet, and inbound marketing with a prospective client, complete with a detailed report on just how to boost sales and develop a relationship with current and prospective clients, the whole shabang!

The report detailed a strategy that included fixing their static website, something as extinct as the dinosaurs in its efficacy, integrating Web 2.0 (social media) into their marketing strategy, and developing both a video and article marketing strategy in order to enhance their authority online and increase traffic. The plan would increase traffic not only to their website but through the doors of their business; and thus allowing for a very real opportunity to convert Internet traffic into sales, both online and offline.

To my amazement, the business owner looked at me and said:

“I don’t want to do that kind of advertising!”

Yes, in a world in which the Internet is not just a cool toy but an incredibly powerful resource for businesses big and small, a resource that connects to the majority of consumers worldwide, there are still business owners who “don’t want to do that kind of advertising!”

Do you get the connection?

I thought you might?

I was witnessing the precursor of an extinction event…that particular business’s extinction!

I am relatively certain the dinosaurs didn’t have a clue an asteroid was going to take a Caribbean vacation, dropping into the Gulf of Mexico, or whatever the dinosaurs called it back then. Yet, just as sure as the asteroid hit and altered the history of planet Earth forever, creating conditions that would eradicate the most powerful beasts to ever walk the Earth, so this particular business would face extinction in the not too distant future! I knew an extinction level event was going to occur.

In fact, if I were a betting man I would make book on it!

You see, people are driving the market now, “Googling” to find what they need, when they need it. The days of the full page spread in the Yellow Pages or the Cleveland Plain Dealer paying off like they once did are behind us; and search-based, new media advertising, along with the implementation of an inbound marketing strategy, is the new advertising and marketing reality.

Ignoring “that kind of advertising” will have an adverse impact on the life expectancy of your business…an extinction-level event or E.L.E if you want to go all Deep Impact, Armageddon, and Hollywood on me!

Ultimately, the transition must be made or extinction will be your business’s reality. Like the dinosaurs happily grazing on grass, or eating each other for lunch, the end of outbound advertising is upon us. The transition to a new form of marketing, inbound marketing, has arrived and has, at least for the time being, transformed the landscape.

To use another evolutionary phrase here:

It is “survival of the fittest!”

Those who are willing to adapt will flourish; and, those unwilling to make the necessary transition will find they are facing the new reality head on.

The transition does not have to be painful, in fact it can be quite pleasant given the proper guidance and the implementation of the proper strategy. The days of outbound advertising being enough are over, inbound marketing and creating The Ultimate Internet Image will determine your evolutionary fitness and your ability to succeed long term.

It is up to you, extinction or adaptation.

The resources are within your grasp!

Unlike the dinosaurs who had nowhere to hide and no clue what was about to transpire, you have the knowledge and the wherewithal to alter the course and avoid an E.L.E!

The choice is yours!

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The Ultimate Internet Image: What We Do and How to Get Started

At The Ultimate Internet Image (UII) our goal is to be the best in the world at serving you and the needs of your business, online and offline!

Making such a statement may sound a bit brash, even a little arrogant. However, to be any less than the best we can be, the best in the world, would be a disservice to our clients. We at The Ultimate Internet Image strive to be the very best in all our affairs in order to bring the very best out in you and your business. At UII we know one thing to be true above all else, excellence, like success, is contagious. It is our desire to spread both as quickly as possible.
If you are a traditional brick and mortar business owner struggling to come to grips with the transition taking place in marketing today?

You are not alone!

The shift from what is known as outbound advertising (i.e., newspaper, television, Yellow Pages advertising, radio, and other forms of intrusive advertising) to a search-based, consumer driven inbound marketing strategy has transformed advertising and marketing around the world. While outbound advertising remains useful, particularly when applied in the proper manner and targeting the right audience, there can be little doubt that inbound marketing is the key to the long term growth of your business; and, in fact, its very survival.

You will see tangible results from The Ultimate Internet Image.

In fact, if we feel we cannot contribute significantly to your lead generation, traffic flow, sales, profitability, and ultimately your bottom line, we will suggest someone who can.

To date, we have yet to consult with a business, in any niche or profession, we could not help. At UII, we believe a partnership is essential and we view all of our clients as partners. We have one goal, the growth and profitability of your business.

The Ultimate Internet Image will deliver the following:

• A complete, no-cost analysis of your current marketing strategy.

• A comprehensive competitive analysis, so we understand your target market and your competitors’ marketing strategies completely.

• An in-depth analysis of current trends in your niche and/or profession.

• A comprehensive strategy, tailored to reach not only your current client base but to expand your target audience significantly.

• A dramatic increase in traffic, lead flow, and sales by defining and reaching target audiences.

• Overall business or practice growth based on an increase in traffic, leads, and sales.

The Ultimate Internet Image will generate dramatic results while enhancing your business or practice brand.

  • If your business is stuck in the static, going nowhere mode? Or worse, fighting for your survival in the current economy:
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  • If your business is growing but not to your complete satisfaction?
  • Again, we should talk.
  • And, if your business is growing but you want to take it to the next level and you are throwing money away on advertising and marketing strategies you can’t possibly track?
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In other words:

  • We should talk immediately!

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After all, what do you have to lose?

The time spent with UII will be the most important and eye-opening in the history of your business or practice.


And, if you are already dealing in e-commerce and have a static website?

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If you apply The Ultimate Internet Image system, and our marketing strategies, implementing them as advised, you will experience an overall improvement in your lead generation and traffic flow; thus leading to more sales and overall profitability.


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How to Succeed Using New Media Marketing: Inbound and Internet Marketing

An Understanding of New Media, Inbound Marketing is
Crucial When Attempting to Create The Ultimate Internet Image!

New Media Marketing and/or Inbound Marketing

New Media Marketing is a fairly new label for a well-established concept, relationship/referral marketing.

New media marketing is simply relationship and referral marketing with a Web 2.0, viral twist.

New media marketing is engaged in by online and offline businesses attempting to develop an online community, a following, a congregation, an aggregation of loyal, even raving fans!

The business following, the congregation, thus allows for and even encourages loyal customers, or raving fans, to come together, share experiences, tell stories, and offer anecdotes about their relationship and experiences with the Internet business or traditional brick and mortar concern in question.

The sharing of information enhances the company’s brand and solidifies the relationship between client and business, thus providing the business with a steady stream of repeat customers. I like the label “clients” much better…for a myriad of reasons.

The Warm Market

The most expensive client to develop is the cold one, the client with no precious experience with the business engaged in a marketing campaign.

Interestingly, while the previous statement has been proven time and again, many businesses, in fact most businesses, pursue the cold call, the cold lead, instead of developing a relationship with and marketing to their warm market, the clients they have developed over the weeks, months, and even years leading up to the present advertising and marketing campaign…often at great cost, both in dollars and resources (also dollars).

The new media experience often includes blogs, forums, podcasts (a rapidly emerging and very exciting area for expression), social media platforms (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), and even certain extended mastermind groups (e.g., StomperNet, Infusionsoft, and others).

All of the aforementioned platforms, and a myriad of others, contribute to the viral effect created by the client’s positive experience and passed on….as they tell two people, and those two tell two people, and so on, and so on, and so on!

Just like the hair commercial: the viral effect of new media marketing!

Significantly, hundreds and often thousands will sing the praises of a business plugged in to and fully engaged in the new media, Web 2.0 experience. The new media marketing strategy, and the viral effect of such a marketing campaign, enhances the brand and creates opportunities for multiple sales over many weeks, months, and, again, years.

One of the best arguments for a business to engage in and develop a new media marketing strategy is the idea that outbound advertising, meaning intrusive, in-your-face, traditional advertising, has lost its influence on consumers. If in fact, it ever had much of one to begin with.

Evidence demonstrates conclusively that there has been a shift away from consumers simply accepting outbound advertising (i.e., newspaper, radio, Yellow Pages, junk mail, etc.) as something they must endure in order to make an intelligent purchasing decision.

Again, the data suggests that consumers are engaged in search driven buying behavior, they are taking an active role from beginning to end. Google has become a verb.

As in:

“To Google” or “I ‘Googled’ it the other day and then went out and bought the car I found online.”

Consumers are making buying decisions based on Internet research, “Googling,” and on referrals provided by followers, friends, and connections they have met online.

Interestingly, it has also been demonstrated rather conclusively that consumers are more inclined to take the word of a like-minded peer online, even if they have never actually met them, than to buy into the corporate-doublespeak, the outbound advertising spiel launched at them, often in invasive fashion, by traditional television ads (restroom breaks and trips to the fridge), radio (I change the channel, that’s why we have so many buttons! Right?), direct mail (making a comeback when done effectively but most is cat box filler), and newspaper advertising (expensive and impossible to track, also for the cats and even the bird cages). I hear newspapers are also good for cleaning windows.

New Media Marketing has a myriad of advantages over traditional, outbound advertising!

This trend will only continue over time, as millions find the Internet daily, hand-held connectivity is increasing exponentially, and the following trend continues:

*The Yellow Pages grows mold in the closet! (see the video)

*iPods, MP3 players, and CDs replace music on the radio!

*People get their news via the Internet…never to open a paper again! (except as liners and for windows!)

The fact is, there is still a place for outbound advertising but it will never be what it once was…the consumer would probably never allow it anyway!

To succeed offline, in a traditional brick and mortar business, or online as an affiliate, in an e-commerce “store” or in any number of other ways, new media marketing must be understood and implemented, particularly in this economy and with consumers growing wiser by the minute.

The combination of a down economy and an educated consumer means if a business, any business, isn’t fully committed and equally engaged in the new media marketing process…they may not make it! Or at the very least, the business will lose a lot of money, money they could have been making and spending to make more money.

The choice is an obvious one…or so one would think. Interestingly, people resist change, even business people, and even when the advice and service is quite affordable. It is human nature to resist change. It is also in the nature of most businesses to fail in the first 10 years…the decision seems a simple one…or is it?!

It is certainly the profitable one:

New Media Marketing works!

Contact me anytime for comments and questions…or just leave them here!

Prof John P J Zajaros Sr

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