The Power of Video and Inbound Marketing in Achieving Page One Status!

An Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy versus Traditional Outbound Advertising: The Power of Video in Achieving the Ultimate Internet Image

3 Google Page One Listings in Just 3 Hours Using Video and Inbound Marketing!

A listing on Google’s page one is worth its weight in gold. Companies routinely pay hundreds and even thousands per day, every day, for the kind of traffic and lead generation power a page one listing often yields.

Whether an organic listing, a listing on the left side of the page, or a sponsored link, a paid link on the right, top or bottom, the results can mean the difference between a company making it or going under, particularly in the current economy.

So, when someone comes along and offers you a page one listing or the vehicle to acquire one, it is time to listen!

In the past 18 hours I have made 3 videos for prospective clients and in each instance they went to page one in a matter of a couple of hours, as you will see in the video below.

A similar video with a little different slant can be viewed at The Internet Marketing Quest Revealed.

In the course of just 8 hours we were able to acquire 3 of the coveted page one listings for a Lakewood pizzeria. Similar results were achieved for the other prospective clients we applied this strategy for.

Can you imagine what a concerted effort, focused on a specific strategy and spread over a period of weeks or months, would do for the exposure, traffic flow, and,
ultimately, their bottom line? The video in the example below was thrown together for illustration purposes only, just imagine a comprehensive marketing strategy and what it would do for traffic generation, sales, and the bottom line. I don’t have to guess, I know! It would be significant.

BTW, these results are typical and The Ultimate Internet Image can duplicate them for any brick and mortar company interested in the results demonstrated in the video mentioned above.

Generate increased traffic, leads, and/or sales with inbound marketing strategies developed specifically for your business by The Ultimate Internet Image!

Contact us 24/7 and if we are out of the office we will get back with you in a matter of hours, often less.

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The Death of Outbound Advertising: A Slow and Painful Exit!

Inbound Marketing versus Outbound Advertising: The Proof is in the Video!

The transition from traditional old media outbound advertising to new media inbound marketing hasn’t always been smooth, easy or pretty, as is evidenced in this video.

The Ultimate Internet Image is about the transition from old media, outbound advertising to new media, inbound marketing. Outbound advertising is perishing and it is a slow and painful death, particularly for those businesses, offline and online investing large sums of money in a strategy that is no longer viable.

The video at The Ultimate Internet Image will demonstrate what I mean.

Professor John P. J. Zajaros, Sr.
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Understanding Outbound Advertising versus Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing and The Ultimate Internet Image:
Traditional Brick and Mortar Business and Inbound Marketing Consulting

Recently, there has been a great deal of discussion about inbound marketing, search driven advertising, local search, consulting with local brick and mortar businesses; and, helping business people transition from traditional, outbound advertising to the new media, inbound marketing approach to lead generation, traffic building, and new customer and client acquisition. This seems like a tall order and it is…and it isn’t! I will explain below.

The Failure of Outbound Advertising

Traditional brick and mortar businesses have used what is now referred to as outbound advertising. Outbound marketing and/or advertising is intrusive (TV, Yellow Pages, radio, junk mail, etc.), driven by the business with the focus being customer acquisition by any means necessary. While this may seem like a bit of an exaggeration or at the very least a stretch, it’s quite accurate.

Businesses have been resorting to a take no prisoners approach to sales and marketing for decades and, until the dawn of the Internet, and particularly with the emergence of SEM or search engine marketing, things started to change…drastically and rapidly!

As businesses moved to the online business environment, they discovered several things almost immediately:

1) Prospective clients and/or customers were defining the search.

2) Traditional brick and mortar businesses seeking to engage their prospective target audience, their target market, had to adapt to this new and dynamic environment
or perish.

3) The companies able to adapt and get in front of their target market flourished.

4) Inbound marketing consulting emerged.

5) Inbound marketing consultancies serving traditional brick and mortar businesses with their online image, the Ultimate Internet Image if you will, offered a dynamic new form of advertising and marketing.

6) There was a huge disparity in competence among these inbound marketing consultancies, particularly those claiming to be SEO or search engine optimization specialists.

Enter the Inbound Marketing Consultant

In order to answer the need for Internet savvy, inbound marketing specialists many companies settled for less than qualified consultants, rather than taking the time to develop competence in house. The niche was there and if XYZ Inbound Marketing Consultancy didn’t fill it, ABG Internet Marketing and New Media Specialists would. Both companies are, of course, fictitious but you get the point, hope?

Consequently, in the rush to fill an ever expanding niche, a few inbound marketing consultancies failed to deliver. This failure gave an entire industry a black-eye. Sadly, a few unscrupulous SEO consultants simultaneously gouged their unsuspecting brick and mortar clients attempting to create a better online image of hundreds, often thousands of dollars in order to reap the short term windfall; the long term consequences be damned.

Fortunately, two things occurred:

1) The inbound marketing consulting landscape changed, it adapted and, consequently, flourished…exposing and pushing out most of the hacks and replacing them with competent and professional Internet and inbound marketing consultancies, companies in it for the long-term.

2) As with most things Internet, the consumers, in this case the traditional brick and mortar companies seeking the Ultimate Internet Image, and all the profits that go with such an online presence, got smart. With the emergence of greater competition, the consumer, the traditional brick and mortar business benefited in a big way!

Hiring Competent Consultants: Growing Pains

One of the greatest challenges facing new Internet companies focusing on inbound marketing was and remains to be how to hire and/or develop competent staff, marketing specialists capable of speaking the Internet/inbound marketing language. Additionally, these specialists need to have a working knowledge of the outbound strategies the companies and clients are engaged in.

Once again, the inbound marketing consultant needs to have a working knowledge of the traditional brick and mortar business environment, and the outbound advertising arena, as well.

I use arena for a reason, it has degenerated into something of a 3-ring circus, with no clear focus and little hope of competing in the new world of the Internet.

The Birth of an Inbound Marketing Consultant and Consultancy

One of the most common questions I receive from people considering a career as either an entrepreneur in a consultative role or as a sales and marketing specialist in the inbound marketing field is:

“How? How do I do it?”

Of course, the next statement is generally something like:

“I am not a salesman, never have been, and really can’t imagine myself being one. I hate selling!”

Interestingly but not surprisingly, the response is typical…and that’s a good thing!

What is crucial in inbound marketing is an understanding of consumer driven behavior, accessing target markets through an understanding of this behavior, an understanding of how the Internet works, and the ability to listen to prospective clients as they explain their motivation and their goals. Once the prospective client is understood, it then becomes a research driven task to build the Ultimate Internet Image for that client.

The No-Selling Sale!

Significantly, once a client understands that you have their interests at heart, and that you are competent, the sale takes care of itself. In fact, there is little selling to be done! The consultant presents and the traditional brick and mortar client accepts the vision of the consultant based on a relationship developed while engaged in the interview process.

There is much more to this and we will cover it is subsequent videos and articles but for now it is crucial to understand one thing:

It is impossible to fake competence long term!

The charlatan will be found out in short order and the inbound marketing firm that is focused on the client’s needs wants and desires will emerge, adapt over time, prosper, and, unfortunately, clean up the mess of the few who ruin it for those who completely understand this exciting and dynamic marketing milieu!

Call for information and a free outbound advertising consultation and inbound marketing assessment to achieve the Ultimate Internet Image.

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Chipmunks, Owls, and Inbound Marketing

Traditional Brick and Mortar Business and Outbound Advertising Meets Internet Marketing and an Inbound Approach

Old Media and New Media: Traditional Business Building and Lead Generation Meets Online Marketing and Relationship Building

TuffGuy and I took a walk this afternoon because it was so nice. The shame of it was I should have had some of the business people I mentor along because the lessons were profound and immediate. Not only were there examples of traditional brick and mortar traffic building strategies, there were also attempts to innovate.

Additionally, there are churches for sale and others being demolished! Grand Openings in the midst of it all!

I will expand upon the video in the morning…I hope you find it interesting!

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Outbound Marketing, Inbound Marketing and the Ultimate Internet Image

The Questions Every Business Must Ask Before, During, and After Each and Every Inbound Marketing Campaign

Many companies pay huge sums of money, either to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Bing) for pay-per-click sponsored advertising or to SEO firms, to get to page one, the first page for various coveted keyword phrases responsible for generating leads, traffic, prospects, and ultimately, sales.

While both inbound marketing strategies may be effective, they are certainly not the most effective methods overall, both in terms of costs and/or results, for dealing with the marketing conundrum, the puzzle presented by Google and the other search engines.

The puzzle?

How does a business, either an online, Internet-based company or a traditional brick and mortar business, get the most exposure in the least amount of time and for the least amount of money?

In other words, how can a company optimize not only exposure, the ultimate Internet image and presence, but how can I do it in a cost effective manner?

How does a company optimize the ROI, return on investment?

These are the questions every company, online or offline, participating in online marketing or, as it is now referred to, inbound, new media marketing, needs to be able to understand and address. Unless a company can properly address these questions, these issues that cut to the heart of both short term and long term Internet marketing strategies and efforts, they are going about it in the wrong way.

As noted previously, there is a revolution underway, a transition within a transition. The Internet has forever altered how we spend money on sales and marketing campaigns. The shift is two-fold at its most fundamental level, and there are transitions within transitions, the state of Internet marketing, and thus the state of inbound marketing, is fluid, in a constant state of flux, evolving as knowledge of how to fully optimize the platform and its strategies are understood at a greater and deeper level.

The initial transition has occurred within and away from outbound advertising, the traditional in-your-face, intrusive advertising (e.g., Yellow Pages, television, radio, billboards, etc.), to a consumer oriented, search driven marketing strategy, later to be referred to as inbound or new media marketing. Within this transition several more have taken place. However, the most significant and interesting shift has been in the social media milieu because it is reshaping the Internet at a fundamental level. As the latter continues to occur, how we target and reach various segments of the Web 2.0, social media population is defining inbound marketing.

The use of social media and video marketing, along with the emergence of the blog, social bookmarking, and the mini or micro-blogging phenomenon have reshaped the strategies of companies big and small, both traditional brick and mortar companies moving online and emerging Internet marketing concerns across a variety of niches.

Ultimately, the transition is far from over, yet one thing is a certainty, the old media style of advertising, the outbound method of marketing is fading and the new media, inbound marketing approach to client and customer acquisition is here for the foreseeable future. The ROI may be incredible, given the proper strategy and an understanding of inbound marketing.

The next article in this series: The Use of Video and Social Media to Achieve High Levels of Search Engine Visability! will deal with how to integrate these two powerful models into your inbound marketing to create the Ultimate Internet Image long term!

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